Tuesday, July 21, 2020

It’s all about the mindset

Change your mindset and reach your potential!

Mindset is a very powerful thing, and I’ll give you the rundown on WHY.

There are TWO types of mindsets, and a lot of people are stuck in the first one. Here’s a quick rundown on the differences between these two.


This is the mindset wherein you believe that your current qualities are already ‘carved and set in stone.’ This is the mindset of people who believe that leaders are born, not made—which was a myth we debunked earlier the past month, remember?

So what’s the issue with this? If you believe that you’ll stay the way you are and that you won’t improve further, you probably won’t put in the time and effort to push yourself to be better. Instead of working hard, you’ll just accept whatever comes your way.

Carol Dweck from Stanford University says that a growth mindset is when you believe that your current qualities that can be improved further through your experiences and efforts. This is the mindset of people who believe that leaders can be made. Ultimately, THIS is the mindset that you and I should have.

If you believe that you can be better and go beyond your current abilities, you will STRIVE and put in the effort needed. You’ll look at challenges as learning opportunities, and you won’t shy from them.

The Stanford Research goes on to report that employees of growth mindset companies are more likely to feel a sense of ownership and commitment, as well as more likely to share that the company fosters innovation.

Essentially, your MINDSET will prove to be a crucial part as you continue to learn to be a better leader.

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