Monday, June 26, 2017

“I don’t care if people like me; I want them to respect me!”

That’s a stupid thing to say!

A Harvard Business Review article notes that the highest performing CEOs “do not invest their energy in wanting to be liked.” But the best leadership researchers out there agree that leaders should want to be liked: “People want to follow those leaders for whom they have genuine affection.”

So who is right?

Both!!! You can be loved without kissing up to people and being a people-pleaser! That’s what we go after in this week’s video.

“I don’t care if people like me; I want them to respect me!”


First of all, that would make it a binary choice stating, “you can have respect,” OR “you can be liked.” You can have both!

Second, that goes against our experience! Most people that we respect, we also like them (and vice versa). If you are respected but not liked… that’s on you!

Finally, we like the people who treat us with kindness, support us, and show confidence in us. Act nice and respectful, and you’ll probably be liked.

Likeability. It’s great to have, but leaders don’t gain it by kissing up to others, they earn by loving their people and delivering results!

Bottom line: Your people will perform far better when you treat them with dignity, listen to their ideas, grow their skills, and choose to believe in them. They will love you and you will succeed together! Being liked is not a bad thing!

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