Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How Top CEOs Become Flexible and Reinvent Themselves

John Maxwell is the master; all of us can learn the skill.

Top UpHarvard Business Review’s groundbreaking research continues! In week 1 you learned the best CEOs are masters at making decisions quickly. Week 2, we learned that successful CEOs were engaged–with their teams by embracing conflict. This week we learn the next exemplary behavior of the top CEOs: flexibility. If you can’t adapt where needed, you’ll have a short shelf life!

“Hey Rob, what about self confidence and being an extrovert?”

The research shows that these traits help you get hired, but they DO NOT translate to being a better CEO. Do you know what does translate? Overcoming adversity!

My former boss, John Maxwell, talks about this principle often! In the video you’ll find out why John reinvents himself and why the top CEOs are more flexible. You’ll learn how you can do it too.

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