Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How to write emails that get opened, manage the Zillion Idea boss, and other great stuff

I’m joining many others starting off the year with extra fasting and prayer. The fast doesn’t have to be all foods, but restricting yourself to be more mindful and to get closer to God. It is a 21 Day journey, and the first week I decided to do water only… and it almost killed me! But now that I’m on a veggie diet, I’m feeling much better!

This week, I have great research that I’ve read lately and a video that will make your week!

1.   First up: How to Manage a Boss with a Zillion Ideas. It’s a “Management Tip” from the Harvard blog, and I dedicate it to all of the admins who have worked for me! This is a one paragraph “tip” with the link to a longer article if you’d like. Bottom line: You don’t have to implement everything! Bosses like this tend to process thoughts out loud.

2.   Do you open all of your emails before discarding them? Yeah, me neither. If you want your emails to get read instead of getting tossed, watch this short video from the one and only Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz and creator of Storyline.

3.   Do you know INTROVERTS that you would like to help be better networkers? (Are you even allowed to capitalize the word introverts?) Introverts make excuses about their poor networking skills when they don’t have to. Wharton Business School just published a great article: Networking for Introverts.

4.   Finally, a gymnast from UCLA received a perfect “10” score for this modern, insanely great, two-minute routine. But she overcame some inner demons to get there. If you want the 6-minute backstory (including a broken back and torn shoulders) you can watch a touching bio video here.

Have a fantastic week!



akaThe Robster


PS: I’m going to read through the Bible again this year. If you’d like to read all or part of it, this site has 10 different plans depending on how much time you want to spend.


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