Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How to Change Your Mindset

A few things you must remember!

Some people are scared of stepping up in life, in love, or in leadership. They feel like they “don’t deserve” a promotion in work or in life in general. Imagine that you want to be a great boss, well-loved by the people you serve… but you always seem to end up being a people pleaser!  

Executive Coach extraordinaire Char Newell attacks this issue in a good Forbes article. She says that stepping up in leadership is often associated with pressure. This is true! Because leadership is very important, people often get pressured to perform well, leading them to become fearful of failure. Additionally, when you are pressured you will become distracted, which adds more pressure.

How do you address this double-whammy that tends to get worse and worse? You have to change your mindset!

In the article mentioned above, the executive coach adds,

“Your mind is the place where promises and failures are planted.
Your past experiences live in your mind, and the ability to be successful starts with how you think.”

Once I spoke at a large leadership conference in Asia, associated with a university there. At the conference were older executives and younger business students. The one teaching point that made the biggest difference for both of them was this:

Change your thinking… to change your life!


Here’s where to start:

1.   You’re going to fail, so stop being afraid of it.

People don’t try because they are afraid of failing. Seriously? You’re human—you are going to fail. Fess up! Tell your people, “I really blew it here. I need you guys to help me.” People don’t expect perfection. If you like podcasts, I did a couple episodes on this topic. You can check them out here and here.

2.   Remember that leaders don’t always lead.

When someone is better in an area, ask for help! This Harvard Business Review article explains it well. I also wrote a short blog and did a video about this topic.

3.   Your mindset must be to SERVE your people.

The best leaders serve their people. Ask someone on your team, “What is the primary thing you are working on right now?” Follow that up with “How can I help?”  I wrote an article about it here.

 4.   Believe that YOU matter.

This is where every leader must start. If you don’t believe this, then I’m sorry but you can’t be a leader. Read the short article; it’s worth your time.


How do you change your mindset? Pick one of these four and put it into action. When you’ve mastered it, pick another one. Change your thinking… to change your life!


Dr. Rob

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