Tuesday, February 9, 2021

How to Build Good Habits

Start with the right questions

When it comes to building habits, everyone has different styles that work for them. But the most important part of making leadership a daily habit is BEING INTENTIONAL.

So here is a spectacular tip from the top researchers (Kouzes and Posner): Ask ACTIVE questions.


According to Marshall Goldsmith in Triggers, “Active questions each day is a magic move.

Here’s Marshall’s recommendation for active questions.

  1. Start your question with: “Did I do my best to...”
  2. Follow it up with an action youINTEND to take..


Here’s an example:

  • Passive question: Do you have clear goals? à Look at how it focuses on ‘what is’ or ‘what isn’t.
  • Active question: Did I do my best to set clear goals for myself?

Active questioning was actually put to the test. Two groups held 2-hour sessions for 10 days and they were asked different types of questions. Result? While both groups showed improvement, the group who was asked active questions reported TWICE the effectiveness compared to the group who was asked passive questions.


Start your active questioning today! Remember, feel free to run your questions by me. I’ll try to help as much as possible.


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