Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How a career setback can lead to success

When I was kicked out of the Sheriff’s Academy, I was really hurt and I felt all sorts of negative emotions. But as you know from yesterday’s episode, it was exactly that event that led to the greatest thing to happen in my life then.

What I thought was a huge setback turned out to be what set the motion for things to fall into place so I could be the person I am today.

This Harvard Business Review article is a great complement to yesterday’s episode because it gives a GREAT reminder that we shouldn’t let a setback define our lives. Instead, we have to embrace the fact that setbacks actually help us re-evaluate and re-think the direction we’re headed towards.

Even top businessmen and CEOs experienced setbacks and failures too! But they didn’t let these stop them. Here’s how you can move past the disappointment and instead look towards the bright future.

  1. Embrace the pain. It’s okay to feel hurt and to be sad. It’s okay to grieve. Don’t deny your feelings. This will help you move to the acceptance stage and to move forward.
  2. Assess the situation. Try to evaluate what really went wrong. But don’t play the blame game. Look at it objectively and see what you can learn from it.
  3. Maximize your strengths. Explore your skills and talents and see how you can channel them into something productive.


What was the biggest setback you’ve had? Tell me all about it—email me at and I’ll hit you up right away!

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