Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Help, I’ve failed. Now what?

It’s actually an opportunity

If you’ve been around LeaderTribe long enough, you know that I really don’t mind making mistakes! Why? Because I really do see them as opportunities to learn. But I haven’t always been like this. I used to be really insecure.

Failure leading to rejection doesn’t feel good. Especially if it might cost you your job.

Well, it’s time to change your mindset and start looking at failures as opportunities

Check out these three strategies when you must recover from failure or rejection.

  1. Don’t deny the pain. You should acknowledge it and accept it. Tell others you are hurting. KNOW it is part of the healing process. Burying your pain is always a bad idea and it will lead to bad consequences in the future.
  2. Evaluate. Get a friend to shoot it straight with you. Where was the failure, and what can you do differently in the future?
  3. Don’t deny your strengths. Yeah, you failed. So what? It means you are human. Now make a conscious effort and pinpoint the things you are good that. Not only will this boost your confidence, it will help set your path for your next attempt.

Remember, it’s human to fail, and there’s such a thing as failing forward. Sounds familiar? Yes, I’ve recorded a podcast episode before on why successful people fail forward.  

Seriously—this works. Don’t deny the pain, lean into it. Evaluate what really went wrong. Recognize that you’ve still got game, and your strengths and gifts will help you get back on the court. Pick yourself up, and be determined that even though it hurts, you are going to fail forward!

Dr. Rob

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