Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Growing in leadership, one week at a time

I’m in India, having a great time preparing to speak in three sessions later this week. I’m speaking on the topic of innovation, courage to innovate, and the necessary elements of any innovation program. It’s a great week with some great people.

These are great leaders from all over the world who will come together—some of who work in remote places. But this doesn’t stop them, because they continue to grow in their leadership every single week.

Guess what? You can do it too! Here’s how… 

1.   Know your biggest growth enemy. This blog was one of my most popular—just read the first couple of paragraphs. You’ll gain keen insights because if you want to grow, you must know your biggest obstacle in this journey.

2.   One of the Top 50 Harvard Business Review Articles of all time! Daniel Goleman writes on “What Makes a Leader.” You can find the article here. If you’re more into videos, there’s this awesome one here about the article.

3.   Discover your leadership style. It’s important to gain some understanding on what leadership style fits you because it will help you become more effective in your journey.

4.   Learn about the most important leadership competencies from leaders themselves.This HRB article presents the results of a study of 195 leaders in 15 countries. The participants were asked to choose 15 most important leadership competencies according to them and the results will give you some clarity.

5.   Finally, NEVER STOP LEARNING. That’s the title of a book by Bradley R. Staats, one of the youngest and most awarded business professors. I also summarized his book in a previous podcast episode that you can listen to here.

You don’t have to do these all in one day, or one week. But if you want to grow to be a great leader, do something every week. You can also catch my Daily Dose of Growth podcast for additional resources.

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Dr. Rob

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