Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Good Company Makes Me Better

Your friends are your future

Have you ever heard of a MasterMind?

A MasterMind is a small group of people that intentionally get together (weekly, monthly) for a defined period (three months, six months, a year). I have been in free MasterMinds, and I’ve paid thousands of dollars to be in others.

Let’s suppose that you wanted to launch an online course or start a new business for an alternative source of income. Where do you start? Probably with a Google search. You find a list of what you must do and start working on your list. That goes well until you don’t understand something or aren’t certain what to do next.

What if you were meeting weekly in an online MasterMind group that launched specifically for people who wanted to start on online business? Would that make a difference? You bet it would!

That’s just one example of a million different MasterMind groups that are out there. My friend Brandon Straza recently developed the “Success Finder” app to help people find a good MasterMind.

Last weekend, I was in Delaware to attend a MasterMind kickoff weekend with some old friends, and I met some outstanding new friends! Being around people of all shapes and sizes and colors was great. Do you know what was even better? Being around people who wanted to grow!

Three good lessons/reminders from last weekend:

  1. Examining yourself is needed at regular intervals. You can start with these questions:

    a. Are you growing and learning intentionally?
    b. Are you surrounding yourself with the right kinds of friends?
    c. Do you have clearly defined goals?

  2. Growing leaders are their own best investment
    a. They invest in their own personal growth
    b. They aren't afraid to ask for help
    c. They are willing to help others who will put in the work

  3. Leaders learn from mistakes
    a. They learn from their own failures, which is wise.
    b. They learn from other's mistakes, which is super wise!

Many leaders I’ve met are growing while dragging others along for the ride. If that is you, you're going to have to let go of the things and people that are holding you back.

So, where are you on the journey? Are you still moving forward? Have you plateaued and you're now watching from the sidelines? Or have you started to slip backwards?

One of those three describes you. Be honest with yourself and make any adjustments that are needed!


Much love,

Dr. Rob

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