Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Going for What’s Good

Replacing is easier than eliminating

Here is how to make it a great day: take one small step towards becoming the person that you’ve always wanted to be. Each small decision is like you casting a vote. You are voting for or against becoming that great person you want to be.

Is that person more disciplined? Kinder? A better listener? Thinner? Does that person have more savings or more time for others? The research reveals the way to get there! 

BTW, it’s harder at first. Why? Because you are putting in the work, but you are not seeing the results. But inside, you are changing! And pretty soon that change is going to become apparent to you and to the rest of the world.

So here is how you can help yourself replace your current bad habits:

  1. Accept that it is not the behavior you want. Say to yourself “It is wrong for me to continue ___________ because it makes me ___________." When you admit that something is wrong/bad for you, you have taken an important step.
  2. Don’t get cocky. It’s not easy, and we all slip up along the way. A great Harvard Business Review article reminds us: fess up, don’t blame, take responsibility, and move on.
  3. Take it slow and easy. Most people don’t see change fast enough, so they quit. After two weeks they say “forget it.” Just keep going towards that small change! In two months you’ll see results. Instant change rarely lasts.
  4. In this Forbes article, we’re minded to keep our eyes on the finish line rather than what is happening right now.  
  5. Identify your triggers. Take the time to take note of the behaviors or patterns that trigger your bad habits. And you can use triggers to remind you of good habits. I wrote about that here.

Remember, the first step is acceptance, and that’s also the biggest step. What habit would you like to replace? How can I help?

Much love,


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