Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Give These Up and You Will Lose in the Long Run

Here are 6 things you don’t owe your boss

An American Psychological Association study revealed that more than 50% of people check their work emails before and after the typical work hours and even during the weekends. While hard work is commendable, that can’t be healthy in the long run. Another study revealed that this produces unhealthy stress, the kind which is terrible for your health!

I talked about this in a podcast episode a while back, but that was pre-COVID. I AM SEEING MORE “WORK RESPONSIBILITY AMBIGUITY” IN A POST COVID WORLD. With more people working from home, it’s like we are going through the old game of “Fruit Basket Upset” when it comes to appropriate work guidelines.

Here are 6 things you don’t owe your boss!

1. Your health: you should absolutely NOT consistently lose sleep because of work. If you do, you won’t be as good an employee anyway! Your stress will increase and slowly take over other areas of your life! Tip: add a few healthy habits in your routine like taking short walks and taking days off. You will be a better and more refreshed team member.

2. Time with your family: While you work to provide for your family, don’t forget that they are a bigger “WHY” than your promotion. When a workaholic spouse says, “I’m just doing this for you and kids…” have you ever seen that work out well? Yeah, me neither.

3. Mental health: “I’ve been working a ton, I’m getting a little stressed, and I’m just not on my “A” game right now.” Friends, you just admitted that your mental health is deteriorating. “Dr. Rob, it’s not that!” OK, you're right, go ahead and give me the medical reason that my statement isn’t true. (But remember, I’ve led a world-leading medical group, so you better make it good.) There is a good kind of stress and challenge. But if your body doesn’t get the rest and replenishment it needs, the law of diminishing returns bites you in the butt every single time

4. Your individual identity: If your boss cannot enjoy and respect the authentic you, with all of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, gifts and abilities, he or she might not be high on emotional intelligence. One of my companies is a podcast production company. We have 30+ employees in 5 different countries. We pay them all to show up for training to help them start their own businesses. We do group and individual coaching for them. And we pay them for it. Why? These are individual, beautiful people with individual hopes and desires. We applaud that and celebrate it every. single. day.

5. Your network: You don’t owe your boss or your company all the contacts and network you’ve built over the past years. Remember that you’ve expanded your network through your hard work.

6. Integrity: Never give up your integrity and your core values. If it comes to a point wherein you feel that your boss or the company is no longer aligned with your personal values, you have to take the risk and make it known. They will try to guilt you. Have the courage to ask, “Are you trying to make me feel guilty for my heartfelt beliefs?”

Key takeaway: Set your boundaries, and your balance will increase, but that’s not the end goal. Your sense of being and your joy will increase. How valuable is that?

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