Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Getting Integrity All The Way Down to the Heart

Where do you stand on the Integrity scale?

If you were to scratch the surface and look past your skills, desires, knowledge, education, and personality – would you say you are the kind of leader who inspires trust and motivates others to become better versions of themselves?

I can tell you this, most of us will answer this question by specifically highlighting individual experiences, and training or skills.

Now there is nothing wrong with listing out your own experiences and skills, but it does throw up another significant question; can the sum total of your leadership be limited to just experiences, and training or skills? What about integrity?

Does your Team Trust you?

Can you imagine leading a team that applauds you in public, but privately doesn’t believe you do what you say you will do? That is a big blot on your integrity. Because then you are seen as someone who doesn’t stand by his word.

The sad truth is that most bosses fall in this category. A boss who doesn’t inspire trust will end up fighting a lonely battle.

One Small Step at a Time is How you Build Integrity

A leader has to win the trust of his team. Your journey to building integrity is not going to happen in a day; it takes time.

If you are unable to establish sound ethical guidelines for you and your team, if you fall short of communicating these guidelines to the people around you, are unable to incorporate them in your work processes – your leadership will reek of weakness and you will come across as morally bankrupt. No amount of hard work and dedication can make up for that kind of trust deficit!

Catch that! If you work hard but you lie often, you’re ultimately ruining your reputation. CLICK TO TWEET.

Act so you are seen and not just Heard!

  • Start by being honest and consistent – say what you think, what you believe in, what you feel, and stick to it; an honest leader will invite honesty in return.

  • Be clear about your intentions – there should be no space for ambiguity or uncertainty in the minds of the people you lead about your intentions, your goals, and objectives; a team that has to second guess your intentions or thoughts will never be able to give their best. They will be cautious in their efforts as well!

  • Walk the talk – if you say something or expect your team to follow rules, you should be more than willing to do or follow what you have laid down. When you do this, you become the person people want to follow.

Be the Leader People Trust

The true mettle of a leader is put to test on a daily basis and often over what may seem like the most inconsequential circumstances. This is when the trust you have earned (because of your integrity), will be on full display. It is in these moments that the true leader wins the day!

The Bottom line: What is one area that you need to show more integrity? Own it today and you’ll have a better tomorrow.

We would love to hear from you! What do you think are the most important leadership qualities? Let me know in the comment section.

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