Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Exemplary Leadership—it’s possible for you!

The Five Best Practices are more common than you think.

Last week we talked about how every leader is different even though they have similar practices.  

In the book “Learning Leadership,” the authors talk about asking thousands of people all over the world “When were you at your personal best?” “Personal Best” meaning an experience of theirs that felt they performed with excellence. It’s a moment in life that they felt they were at their very best.

Each and every Personal Best experience was unique and different, but some definite patterns emerged! These 5 major patterns were grouped together and called “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership.”

Here’s a quick summary of those five.


1.     MODELED – They didn’t just tell people what to do, they SHOWED what to do!

2.     INSPIRED – They engaged others to aim for a shared goal.

3.    CHALLENGED – They kept improving the process, took risks and learned from mistakes.

4.     ENABLED – They motivated others to act correctly and relate well with team members.

5.     ENCOURAGED – They showed GREAT appreciation for big (and small) contributions, which created a shared victory and teamwork.


If you do those five things over and over again, you will always have a great team of willing followers. In the coming weeks we’ll dive deeper into each of these and a few other keys to great leadership.


I’m really excited to get into this with you. In the meantime, let me know your very own personal best moments! I want to celebrate your excellence.

Dr. Rob

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