Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat—but IT IS the secret to success

Why you should always ask good questions

I recently partnered with three amazing friends and we started a new company ( In 5 months we’re over 25 employees, and every other week, we hold a team-wide meeting. At the end of the meeting, we always have a session that we call:


Ask Any Question for Any Reason!
If you have enough guts to ask it,
we’ll have enough guts to answer it.

We get some great questions like “Is there anything else we can do to get more hours or get promoted?” “Is the company profitable yet?” “What can I do to become an entrepreneur?” “What’s the difference between revenue, profit, and cash flow?” “May I be more empowered?”

WE LOVE IT! And our respect grows for those who ask the best questions! Everyone tends to admire the person who has the courage to ask the question everyone was scared to ask.

You see, when a person is curious and has a question about something, this shows initiative and proactivity. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, they are not satisfied by what is. Instead, they try to find out what more could there be?

All great discoveries and inventions started with someone asking good questions.  [TWEET]

As a leader—be polite but ASK QUESTIONS! Be curious. By doing so, you’ll create room for learning, spark new ideas, and build relationships will collaborators. In the book Learning Leadership, which we’ve been going through in my podcast, they taught about starting Curiosity Conversations!

  1. “I’ve always been curious how you ended up as a [whatever they are doing now]. I’d like to have a short discussion about that. May I schedule a short Zoom call?
  2.  Ask what it took to really get where they are.
  3. Ask about challenges they experienced.
  4. Ask how they handled something that was very difficult.
  5. Ask how they came up with a great idea they had.
  6. Keep asking questions—and keep them open-ended questions (that can’t be answered with a yes or no).

BOTTOMLINE: If you want to be a leader, take the lead by asking questions! [TWEET]. Don’t hold back if you really want to know something. Not only will you benefit, but you’ll also be creating an amazing journey with a new friend.  

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