Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Connection is the Fuel of Passion!

How to Connect Effectively with Others

Last week, we touched on the importance of focusing on key relationships. This week we take a deep dive to give you an advantage and help you connect beautifully.

Why is this so significant in leaders’ lives? Those whom you connect with effectively will remain in lockstep with you when comes to accomplishing goals and staying motivated. When you are linked at the heart with your team, when you know their hopes, fears, and aspirations… you have won their respect and people will pull together!

So how do you forge effective connections? Here’s a quick-start list to guide you:

  1. STOP hearing and START listening. When you keep eye contact and ask follow-up questions—that’s when the magic happens. Stop simply asking what they need, giving it to them, and moving on. You are not doling out fast food. The three words that need to become your bestfriends are “tell me more.”
  2. NOTICE the small things. Most leaders miss non-verbal cues. If the words are saying one thing but the body is saying something else, believe the body. Google “How to recognize non-verbal cues.” Soon you’ll be reading between the lines and asking better questions. When that happens, they’ll wonder ‘How did she know?’
  3. Be a little more VULNERABLE. Let them know about you! Every employee is secretly asking “Who is this person really?” “Can I trust this person?” and “Is this person forward-looking?” It’s true, the research proves it over and over and over.
  4. FIND COMMON GROUND. When you conclude ‘I really have nothing in common with this person,’ you are wrong. You just haven’t tried hard enough. You can find a connection point with anyone! It’s true. If they are worth having on the team, you will find many connection points if you keep searching. And they will appreciate the effort!

Connection is the fuel of passion.

People give their best efforts and their most honest opinions to those they connect with. When you listen actively, notice the small things, share your life, and always hunting for common ground… you are going to win! You will be a stellar leader, the kind your people love to support. By really connecting to others, they will love you and you will love them even more.


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