Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Congrats on your new job! What’s next?

Starting a new job the right way

After a successful interview, you’re ready to step into your new future. What do you do when you start a new job? There are many wrong ways to do it. Thankfully Harvard Business Review recently gave us a simple guide to follow. 

During the interview, you were asked questions. Now it’s your turn to do the asking—heads up though, HBR says it’s better to ask these questions regularly, not just when you start:

  1. How can you create value?
  2. Know how you will contribute to the company, and know the steps you need to take to get there.
  3. How should you behave?
    Familiarize yourself with the company culture and norms. To move forward more quickly, learn “how they do things around here.”
  4. Who will support you?
    Know who your immediate team members are, plus whose support is crucial in meeting your deliverables.
  5. How do you become a winner?
    In order to produce quick and efficient results, what should you do and what should you avoid?
  6. What skills are most important, and who can help me learn them?
    Grow continuously! Put aside time for self-mastery, consistently getting better, even if only one baby step at a time,

Keep these questions at your work station so you can ask them often. If you stay focused on these questions, you will have a very bright future.

You’re ready! Stay humble. Keep Learning. Ask for help. Work Hard. Shine!

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