Monday, May 1, 2017

Avoiding the Biggest “Trust Killing” Behavior

How to Deal With Difficult People

Some people are just different or difficult. Nonetheless they are loved and valued! We call them EGR’s (Extra Grace Required). EGRs are often a challenge to lead; we must be intentional and careful to set appropriate standards. If your team has an EGR (or two), and you do nothing, team trust will quickly erode.


This week I help you with what to do. There are 3 keys that you’ll learn in my short video:

  • courage
  • clarity
  • completeness

You’ll need all three to get your team to accept and embrace working together with different kinds of people. This week’s FREE DOWNLOAD is from Patrick Lencioni, a summary of his book The Advantage. In it you’ll learn the secret to gaining trust, the most important quality you can have when building an awesome team.

Follow the easy steps–you be glad you did!

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