Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Are You Secure in Your Leadership?

Everyone craves security. It is human nature. A secure job. A secure marriage. A secure home. A sense of security is important for mental peace. When you are secure about your job, you can gain the clarity and empowerment needed to give your best.

But what about leaders?

Can a leader who is insecure in his leadership, lead with authority and courage?

An Insecure Leader…..

Insecure leaders draw their strength from their position and not from who they are.They depend on the praise of others to feel good about themselves.

Insecure leaders tend to focus more on their external image than there internal compass. And possibly the worst of all: insecure leaders discourage and even stop growth opportunities for others.

Insecure leaders are quick to take credit for successes; but they run from taking responsibility for failures.

Secure Leaders Lead by EmpoweringOthers

Secureleaders love team wins... even when others get the credit! Their colleagues arenot viewed as a threat to their authority, power, or position.

BE SECURE!  Put together a competent team, empower them,give them clear goals and a vision, and encourage them as they win.

Useyour leadership to develop and empower others around you and below. Do yourbest to help them be their best. The value that they create, adds to yourvalue. Check this out...

A Secure Leader is Invaluable!

Whenyou empower and delegate authority, it does not dilute you leadership or makeyou dispensable. It does the exact opposite! If you are the kind of leader whois able to identify and grow talent, it makes you indispensable—a huge asset toany organization!

The BottomLine: If you’ve been withdrawing and not leading with all of your heart, let this act as your wake-up call. We’ve all been there—but we shouldn’t stay there. It’s your time to shine.

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