Tuesday, August 8, 2017

5 Steps to Gain and Keep the Trust of Others!

People will follow you to the extent they TRUST you.

Trust is a sacred gift. When people give you their trust you, they are presenting you with a piece of their heart. Treat it that way! Why? You’ll need it to accomplish anything great. In the words of the top leadership researchers: TRUST REIGNS!


There are 5 Key Behaviors to gain trust from others. Buckle your seatbelts, here we go!

  1. Trust Others. The absolute best way that you can get people to trust you is for you to trust them. Give someone your trust: empower them! It will work magic in their trust level back towards you.
  2. Be Consistent! Inconsistency kills your trust efforts. When it comes to trust, your consistent actions really do speak louder than words!
  3. Be Clear, Be Clear, Be Clear! Clarity is the antidote to fear. People follow clarity. The teaching notes in the bonus slide deck teach a remarkable story about this truth!
  4. Deliver on your Promises. Ask this: “Is there a time in the past year where I have or a member of my team has promised something and then not delivered?” And then remember this little nugget from the bible: “Blessed is the man who keeps his word, even when it hurts.”
  5. Be Really Honest. Vulnerability equates to believability. Take extreme ownership of team failures and people will love you and trust you.

THE BOTTOM LINE: You’ve got to see this week’s video! And don’t forget to download my TRUST PowerPoint presentation which I’m giving you to use as you wish!

Have a great week. Don’t miss next week’s video where I return to the location of my first video ever–my garage! I start the video by doing some bicep curls then talking about your CORE. “My physical core?” you ask. Nope. Something way more important! But that’s all for next time. Have an incredible week!


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