Tuesday, June 22, 2021

5 Qualities of a BAD Leader

Don’t do these!

I don’t think I’ve ever taken a deep dive with you on the specific qualities that makeup a bad leader. When you read the list, ask which of these apply to you—even a little bit. Then work on improving that area. You owe it to yourself and your followers.

Unfortunately, there are bad leaders everywhere, and according to Forbes, these are the tell-tale signs that you have met one.

  1. They don’t have integrity. Integrity is a MUST for a leader. Even if they are not the most skilled, or the most experienced, their integrity is important. This sets an example for their colleagues and plays a large part in setting the overall tone of the team. A leader with integrity is a leader that you can trust.
  2. They are flexible or adaptable. Leaders are always being tested in different situations. They should be able to adapt accordingly and think on their feet. Great leaders are flexible and fluid, but bad leaders get stuck and cannot move forward if the situation is unfamiliar to them. If you meet a leader who is a “my way or the highway” person, that’s a definitive sign they are not a great leader.
  3. They do not look forward. Since leaders basically ‘lead’ their teams to the set goals, a leader who does not have a vision is not a good leader! The worst part to me is that a bad leader does not even think about the future! So the team often remains unprepared and slow to respond to new opportunities.  
  4. They are not accountable and do not take ownership. No one is perfect, and leaders are often put in situations where they make mistakes. And guess what? That’s okay! What’s important is acknowledging it and owning your mistakes. Only then can you use them to learn and  improve yourself. However, bad leaders disappear when the going gets tough. When things go wrong, they hide and don’t want to be involved.
  5. They choose not to communicate well.Good leaders should touch base regularly with their team. Only then can they to provide clarity on the next plans or goals. Bad leaders don’t communicate and so they find it difficult to steer their team to success. Once a week, preferably on Mondays, good leaders should ask individual team members, “What is your top priority for the week?” After hearing the answer, they should ask a follow-up question, “How can I help?” Bad leaders don’t do that.


What should you do when you spot a bad or a difficult leader? That’s a tough one. If it is your boss, you’ll have to learn to give feedback that he or she will actually listen to. How do you do that? To find out, be certain to read LeaderTribe next week!


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Dr. Rob

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