Monday, December 4, 2017

3 Easy Steps to End this Year Well, and Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

2017 is coming to an end. How did you do?

What if there was a way you could measure yourself in the areas that matter most—relationships, finances, health, etc. Then you could choose where to improve… and ultimately create the life you want? Here’s the best tool—and it’s FREE!

3 Easy Steps…

Overall I did well, but I blew it in a couple of big areas. I did not launch my podcast (YET… but I still have this month!). I did not hit my financial goals—my bad. I did not do as much writing as I hoped: that was simply a discipline issue.

But I had some big wins. I was able to spend more time with my family, especially my daughter and my grandkids. As I write this I preparing to take my grandson on a “Polar Express” antique train ride. Yes, the passengers will be wearing pajamas—just like the movie. And my speaking has gone incredibly well this year. At every event where I’ve spoken, I was either the top rated speaker or tied for the top. That’s very meaningful to me because I deeply desire to bring great value to those who entrust to speak at their events.

So what are the 3 Easy Steps? Guess what? I just completed Step 1!

For this year to end well, and in order to build a launching pad for next year, your first step is to get really honest about your recent past. Evaluate where you are—where you really are. You can’t say, “I’m fine.” No, no, no. The job of a leader is to accurately define reality. So what went great, what went wrong, and where were you undisciplined?

Step 2: Narrow your focus. Then narrow it again. When you say, “I’m going to lose thirty pounds, start 2 new profitable businesses, run a Spartan Race, and spend extra time with my family every week… that is a recipe for disaster and disappointment. So we narrow our focus.

Write down your 3 or 4 most important goals (most important to you as a person… to who you really are on the inside). These are like heart goals—the things you really want to come to pass and you’ll feel great about yourself if they do. Do you have those 3 or 4 goals? Good, now narrow it to 2. One of my most popular articles of all time gives the “why” behind this step.

Step 3: Forget putting it on your list of goals, put it in your calendar. Here’s what Republicans and Democrats can agree on–if they are both high achievers! I learned this when I read an article about what the hardest working Hollywood celebs and Olympic athletes have in common. They don’t put things on their “to do” lists, instead they schedule them on their calendar! Then they treat the appointment as if it was with their most important client: they keep their appointment. Here is an old school Steven Covey video that illustrates the importance of this point

BOTTOM LINE: You are either going to get off to a great start in 2018, or it will be about the same as every other year. To have it be great, 1) Get truthful about past wins and failures, 2) Narrow your focus, and 3) Put it on your calendar, not your to do list.

PS. Again, here is that FREE assessment from Michael Hyatt (link to: to see how you are really doing.


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