Tuesday, March 21, 2017

10 Key Questions For Clarity In The Workplace

Question Number Two Is Counter To Everything You Think You Know

Has there ever been a time at work when you did a really awesome job, when you really went “above and beyond,” but your boss wanted to point out the one disappointment? Ouch! That’s a clarity problem.  Clarity is a challenge; you need courage to achieve it! Usually it’s the courage to ask the right questions.

The challenge of clarity is that in order to achieve it, you need courage. CLICK TO TWEET.

Clarity is essential for success.  It’s not just important to have clarity as a leader, it’s important to have it at work.  Nothing cuts through the fog like questions (if you missed it, last week we covered 6 Fog Cutter questions for Leadership Success).

This week we have a treat for you, 10 questions for clarity in the workplace.

Just a few of the doses of growth this week are…

1. Ask Yourself, “Do I know what success looks like… to my boss?” Just like the example above you might do 8 out 10 things perfect but if your boss thinks that the other 2 are substandard, then you are in for a disappointing response.  (Watch the video for more on this).

2. How asking for help might be the quickest way to gain respect. It’s completely counter-intuitive to most people, after all, asking for help is showing weakness, right?.   Study after study shows that one the quickest ways to build trust is to show vulnerability. Humbling yourself and asking for help earns you respect. Plus you’ll learn something new at the same time!

3. Too often you are hoping to get “magically discovered.” It happens everywhere. An employee does an amazing job, completely nailing an assignment. But then, NO RECOGNITION for your incredible accomplishments. You don’t want to be braggadocious, but you want your work to get noticed.  So what do you do?  (Watch the video.) This is a balancing act, but there is one important thing you must do…

If you think these LeaderTribe gems are good, wait until you see this week’s freebie, for getting CLARITY at work.

BOTTOM LINE: Asking questions is often the quickest way to clarity, but asking the questions that really matter requires courage. What have you found most helpful to gaining clarity in the workplace??? Give us your feedback in the comments below or on our YouTube channel.

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