Tuesday, November 16, 2021

10 Day Countdown to a Happier Life

Your guide to two weeks of thankfulness

Despite this not being my best year in terms of physical shape (after 2 back surgeries), it is still an awesome year in terms of love, family, and friends. Plus, I’m going to have an even better year coming up. Yes—that is my mindset!  

I’m choosing to be very thankful for my life. Do you have any idea what this means to a person’s personal happiness??? I’ve written about it before and you can get the details in this blog and this blog.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I want to help get you in this mindset so you can live a healthier, happier life.|

I’m issuing you a ONE WEEK THANKFULNESS CHALLENGE. Are you ready? It’s easy—and it will be one of the most meaningful things you do this year. You do ONE THING PER DAY. Here are your options, pick one of these per day.

  1. Start a gratitude journal on a piece of paper.
    Each day, write down one thing you are genuinely thankful for. Bonus:write why you are thankful for it.  
  2. Take a photo of something you love or something you are thankful for.
    Finding it hard to journal one day? No problem. Try going visual! Open up that camera and take a photo of something you can look at and be thankful for all week long.  
  3. Tell a loved one…
    We often take our loved ones for granted. This week, make a conscious effort to let someone you love know that you are very thankful for them.  
  4. Thank a stranger.
    I don’t mean that you should approach a random stranger and say thank you! When you’re at the supermarket, or a restaurant, take the time to genuinely say thank you to your cashier or waiter. It could brighten up their entire day.
  5. Thank a team member or a higher-up in a cool way.
    Bring the positivity into the workplace! You can do this by simply adding a special “thank you” to an email or text.  Try one of these: I really appreciate your extra efforts to help me, or “Thank you for all you do to help our team” or simply “I appreciate you.”


Next week, it’s Thanksgiving week and I have something special for you! Until then, message me at if you have something to share—or even if you’re having problems, definitely hit me up and we can jump on a call or a Zoom. Leadertribers are a priority in my life.  

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