Friday, May 5, 2017

After 10 years of Research: 1 Thing That Successful CEOs Choose Over and Over

It's the most important of the 4 things from Harvard Business Reviews blockbuster article

Blockbuster Report! That’s the only way I can describe the 10 year research report where 14 researchers interviewed 2000 CEOs and 15,000 others. They wanted to find out what the best of the best executives have in common. They discovered four things. That’s right, just four key behaviors that they do over and over again.

Nothing excites me more than discovering foundational research that LeaderTribers can apply in their own lives. Over the next four weeks we’ll go over each skill and I’ll provide free downloads to help you apply these in your everyday lives.

In this video I discuss the research and mention the 4 key behaviors of these rockstar CEOs.  I spend extra time exploring the most important behavior: being quick and decisiveThe best CEOs decide to DECIDE! This isn’t a gift they were born with, it’s something they choose to do. How can we make better choices in this area? Check out the short video and this week’s free download!

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