Team Tension? What Do Leaders Do?

They move the team towards alignment by using Maxwell's 101% Principle

During those times that your team is hitting on all cylinders, your trust and your constructive conflict are working for you. Those two elements are necessary to reach any solid agreement. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. So what do you do when you’re faced with unhealthy conflict within the team?

As a Great leader, you ask some specific questions…

Remember my post “Why Am I Still Talking?” When there is a disagreement the best leaders stop and listen and ask:

What Am I Learning From This?

When there this team conflict, it’s time to practice what John Maxwell calls the 101% principle: find the 1% you can agree on, and give that 100% of your effort. Get agreement on a small part AND START FROM THERE. You start from the place of agreement, not the place of disagreement. It’s not long before the team can begin working together again.

Try it! Your team deserves you giving them your very best. Go for it.

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