“Want To” versus “Have To”

As desire goes up, so does quality!

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In a previous post, we talked about how people perform so much better when you can tap into their “want to” vs “have to” (by encouragement). If you get great volunteers working in their area of giftedness, you’ve got a winning proposition!

But how do you do that in the office? How do you get a great attitude and the motivation to go the extra mile?

The answer is that you must empower people in a specific way. Not just giving them the responsibility, but giving them a particular kind of authority that they will need to perform at their best.

As a leader, your inclination is probably to “act responsibly” by checking in to ensure the project is completed how you want it. Good luck with that! If you keep “bugging” people, you’ll get compliance without compliments and duty without delight. That’s because you’re missing the AA Power that your team members need:

  • Autonomy
  • Authority

Your team members want to produce amazing results. That will happen IF their passions and responsibilities are met with Autonomy and Authority.

You must have the trust, healthy conflict, and commitment needed to agree on the end result and let them run with it. You can check-in to see if more resources or ideas are needed, or to ensure work is being completed, but don’t butt in.


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