The 5 Second Rule That is Changing My Life

The Clarity to Defeat Procrastination

This week’s video delivers very practical information the FIVE SECONDS between knowing the right thing to do and excuses entering your brain. “I’m too tired right now.” “Let me check email one more time.” “I don’t have all the information I need to make the call I don’t want to make!”

New research reveals that there are 5 SECONDS of opportunity that you will have several times per day. The people who are using this information best are being transformed. Careers are turning around, weight is being lost and marriages are being saved.

Watch the video, then get the FREE DOWNLOAD of the 3 page executive summary (adult cliff notes) for “The Power of Habit.”  If you like that summary, please just reply back to our email and we’ll send you out the 10 page summary as well!

Dr Rob

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  1. Thanks Dr. Rob. I enjoyed that. Watching that video took me back 30 years. Your delivery hasn’t changed! I love it.

  2. Interesting thought. With 35,000 decisions each day, those that need a 5 second strategy certainly are a minority… But those are the ones that usually sabatoge my day. Good insight.

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