You Gain Courage Just Like Navy Seals

Many small steps are better than a giant leap!

On my website I use the slogan: “Leaders are made daily, but never in a day.” I heard John Maxwell say that, but John told me that it wasn’t original with him. But he was wise to use it because the research proves it is true! And when it comes to courage, it’s especially true!

You can learn some facts in a day.

You can gain some skills in a day.

You can make some plans in a day.

But you cannot significantly increase your courage or your character in one day.

Let me put it this way: You are now becoming who you are going to be!

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When Should You Lead? And When Should You Follow?

A huge mistake that I see leaders make is that they try to lead--all the time!

NO ONE should lead 100% of the time (but many people think they should). We’ve all been in meetings with a VP or other high-ranking official. Based on his or her position, the person thinks they need to lead the meeting. BAD CHOICE! Deciding that you are the leader of the meeting simply based on position… that’s a very bad idea.

Too often the presumed leader doesn’t know what (s)he is talking about! Or the person talks too much to lead the meeting effectively. Perhaps they are not the most passionate person when it comes to the subject matter. In those instances, a different leader should be appointed. How do you do that? Watch the video!

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People Don’t Care About Your Vision!

People care deeply about their personal aspirations.

Why should people want to follow you? That’s a fair question, right?

I mean, you really “have to” follow your boss unless you want to get fired. What would it be like to have a boss that is so great that you would willingly follow her all the time. What makes that boss so good?

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Leaders are Stewards of the Future

How to capture a better future now (and take others with you!)

I feel sorry for people who want to live in the past. Their hopes and dreams have faded. Their and their favorite sight is the rear view mirror. Reminiscing is fun and we all should learn from the past, but don’t live there!

The vast majority of people live in their present reality. They think ahead only as far as their longest-term project. HINT: When you ask people to help you with something that is three months away, they say “yes” 90% of the time because they down plan for the long-term future!

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Why am I like this?

Leading “from the inside out” is possible. Here’s your motivation!

I loved it when the worlds leading researchers discovered 5 exemplary behaviors that our favorite leaders have in common. The first of those truths they call “Model the Way.” When I’m teaching this research on university campuses I always make it a little clearer:

The best leaders don’t tell you the way to go; they show you the way to go!

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