The Power of Positive Feedback

3 Keys To Remembering What To Do Every Time

High performance teams GIVE 6X more positive feedback than the lowest performing teams!!! Can you imagine how that translates to you, your family interactions, and the way you treat your friends? The power of positive feedback will work great for you–just learn the 3 keys.

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SPEAK UP in meetings–even if you are new.

But don't brag...

Hey LeaderTribers,

Just a quick note. Today I received this as the “Tip of the Day” from Harvard Business Review, regarding the need to speak up in meetings.

I thought it was wise on several levels, especially the need to get buy-in and mine for conflict in meetings. Read “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” or “Death By Meeting” to see why this is ALWAYS necessary. Remember, when you are leading a meeting, silence it disagreement!

Keep moving forward,

Dr. Rob

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The 5 Second Rule That is Changing My Life

The Clarity to Defeat Procrastination

This week’s video delivers very practical information the FIVE SECONDS between knowing the right thing to do and excuses entering your brain. “I’m too tired right now.” “Let me check email one more time.” “I don’t have all the information I need to make the call I don’t want to make!”

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5 Minutes to a Better You (Seriously!)

3 Keys To Getting What You Want

97% of us can identify a career-limiting weakness, but new research proves those personal challenges are very limited in terms of time–usually only minutes per day. Learn to master those “crucial moments” and improve your life forever. Oh, the really great news… you can make phenomenal progress in only five minutes per day!
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5 Keys To Personal Clarity

Feelings of being overwhelmed catch up with us all.

We’ve all been there: you’re feeling overwhelmed and not certain what to do next? Wouldn’t it be great to have clarity in that situation? You can.

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