Here’s what the word “Encourage” actually means…

The story below is very scary, but true. You can pour courage into others...

  • Jenna (not her real name) is married to a friend of mine. She took her kids to a large amusement park in Atlanta on one of the hottest days of the summer. It was the grand opening of a huge new ride! The local TV and radio stations had been telling of this day for months. The new ride was the star attraction of the park. The lines were never longer.

In a sea of sweating moms and whiny kids, Jenna and her kids had been moving up about an inch at a time. The heat was stifling, but their suffering was about to be worth it: they could now see the front of the line and they would be getting on the ride in the next five minutes.

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The Courage to Stop Thinking Like a Criminal

When life gets hard, do this!

I’m convinced that most people in jail have an “it’s not my fault” mentality. Some of them freely admit that they did wrong, but “it’s not nearly as bad as what that guy did, and he didn’t have to serve any time… it’s not fair.”

OK, then that person get’s out of jail. Now what?

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A Good Team vs a Great Team

You should lead from the Heart or not at all

I witnessed two types of leadership. The first had great strategy, skill, and a good boss who was resolute in completing the task. He was one of those faithful dudes who would ensure the job was “on time and on budget.”

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You Gain Courage Just Like Navy Seals

Many small steps are better than a giant leap!

On my website I use the slogan: “Leaders are made daily, but never in a day.” I heard John Maxwell say that, but John told me that it wasn’t original with him. But he was wise to use it because the research proves it is true! And when it comes to courage, it’s especially true!

You can learn some facts in a day.

You can gain some skills in a day.

You can make some plans in a day.

But you cannot significantly increase your courage or your character in one day.

Let me put it this way: You are now becoming who you are going to be!

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