3 Ways the Best CEOs ENGAGE [video]

Hint: 1 of these ways gave a 15X higher success rate

We’re looking at groundbreaking new study of the top CEOs resulting from 10 years of research. If you missed week 1, check out 1 Thing That Succesful CEOs Choose over and over . This week, the 2nd of 4 success behaviors, the right kind of Engagement.

The best CEOs engaged in 3 key ways (and chose not to engage in 1). Watch the short video to see how you can apply this great research to your life this week. Oh, and about that hint, the CEOs who were willing to engage in productive conflict… they were 15 times more likely to be successful! Check out the video now to see how it works!

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Dr. Rob (aka The Robster)

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  1. Dr Rob, You have knocked it out the park with this weeks vlog! Engagement is so important and one of the leadership areas I am working to improve on.

    1. Thanks Jason,
      I find this research so interesting and life change. HBR Blog posted a new resource today “How to Have Difficult Conversations When You Don’t Like Conflict.” One of their very first points: Don’t worry about Likability! People who do that spend all of their time rewording their thoughts in their head, instead of listening respectfully and being curious! <--Those are the two things that will help most in difficult conversations. Keep growing!

  2. This is so thought provoking and yet so practical. It brings a lot of clarity when working with a team there must be a balance of engagement based on results with people who have a natural tendency to focus on effort.

    Very well done!

    1. Stacey, You bring out an important point. I’m GUILTY too often of “making it happen” on the program/event level, forgetting to build a good alliance first. At the very least I need to communicate the pertinent info to those affected. Thanks for the good reminder!

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