Want Your Life To Go From Good To Great? Remove These 3 Things!

The first two make sense, but the 3rd one is the game changer

Last week, taking research from Henry Cloud’s book Necessary Endings, we talked about preparing the soil of your life. We’re upping the ante this week with some very practical research telling you exactly what you need to prune in order to go from Good to Great.

“Wait, Robster. Did you say, Good to Great? Like the title of the book?”

Yes! And as a special gift, this week’s free download is the 10-page executive summary of Good to Great, by Jim Collins!
Because the 3rd (and most painful) area that needs to be pruned, has everything to do with moving from good to great in your life.

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Preparing the Ground For Future Growth

Encouragement straight from the garden!

Your life is like a garden. Seriously–it’s a great analogy. A few areas are probably flourishing and other parts have a tangled mess of weeds!

Ask yourself:

  • What is using up needed resources but not providing fruit?
  • Where do I need to apply the social weed killer to get rid of something?
  • How can I fertilize the areas of my life that are growing but need more attention?
  • What seeds do I need to plant so they can bear fruit in the future? Where do I need to make additional room for those seeds?

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“Want To” versus “Have To”

As desire goes up, so does quality!

In a previous post, we talked about how people perform so much better when you can tap into their “want to” vs “have to” (by encouragement). If you get great volunteers working in their area of giftedness, you’ve got a winning proposition!

But how do you do that in the office? How do you get a great attitude and the motivation to go the extra mile?

The answer is that you must empower people in a specific way. Not just giving them the responsibility, but giving them a particular kind of authority that they will need to perform at their best.

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Team Tension? What Do Leaders Do?

They move the team towards alignment by using Maxwell's 101% Principle

During those times that your team is hitting on all cylinders, your trust and your constructive conflict are working for you. Those two elements are necessary to reach any solid agreement. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. So what do you do when you’re faced with unhealthy conflict within the team?

As a Great leader, you ask some specific questions…

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“I don’t care if people like me; I want them to respect me!”

That’s a stupid thing to say!

A Harvard Business Review article notes that the highest performing CEOs “do not invest their energy in wanting to be liked.” But the best leadership researchers out there agree that leaders should want to be liked: “People want to follow those leaders for whom they have genuine affection.”

So who is right?

Both!!! You can be loved without kissing up to people and being a people-pleaser! That’s what we go after in this week’s video.

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