The Best Way to Get To Know Interesting People

You don’t learn by telling, you learn by asking.


Years ago John Maxwell, the foremost leadership guru, wrote the book Good Leaders Ask Great Questions. About a month after the book was published, John interviewed me for a position in the world’s largest leadership development organization. I wasn’t certain what he would ask, but I knew he would have some really good questions! (For his list of questions from the book, see below).

Thankfully, I was offered the position, and I had the chance to lead a remarkable team. There were great question askers everywhere! That opportunity fulfilled my mission! Over a decade earlier I had developed a personal mission statement that included the sentence, “I develop leaders of leaders.” My mission statement has not changed. That is what I do. And one of the most effective ways I’ve learned to do it is by asking creative questions.

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I Love My Mentor — Except Now I Hate Him!

I just got my butt kicked


My mentor just called my good efforts “Pink Fluff.”

Wow, did that hurt. It hurt like surgery to remove a dangerous tumor or like antiseptic being poured on a fresh wound. Don’t you hate that? When it hurts so bad but it’s because someone loves you enough to say something?

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The #1 Solution to Your Time Management Challenge

We all have the same amount of time; some are incredibly productive.


A 5-hour workday experiment was reported in Inc. magazine. The results have been excellent. Why? Follow the research!

According to research the average worker only gets 2-3 hours of true work accomplished in an eight-hour day. Meetings, breaks, chats, watching videos, checking social media, and returning unimportant emails take up the rest of the time. And we wonder why 75% of our workforce is actively disengaged! That’s not conjecture, that’s the research. Now let’s look at our own lives.

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To Give the Best Feedback, Two Words for you!

The first one is “Shut” and the second one is "up!"


Those who listen well receive the highest feedback ratings. “What? I thought feedback was my turn to talk–you know, to tell someone what I think.” Unfortunately, that’s what I used to do. People would ask for feedback, but my brain would hear, “Please give me your opinion.” So I would start talking. It was a mistake. I’ve learned that if you don’t listen long and hard at first—the person who is speaking will think you are lousy at giving feedback (and I’ve got the proof).

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